4.5V/220mA Solar Panel To Charge 12V Lead Acid Battery

If you have some mini solar panels (3V to 6V/200mA and up) laying around that you would like to find use for, then you should watch this video. Using the simple circuit in this video, you can take a 4.5V/220mA mini solar panel(or any other similar panel), and depending on how you wind your ferrite rod, you can obtain an output of around 40 volts @ 80mA. You can use the 650khz pulsed DC output to charge 12v lead acid batteries. This type of output also has a “desulfating effect”. A panel of this size is IDEAL for smaller lead acid batteries. Though the smaller panel can be used to SLOWLY charge a car battery, it is recommended that you use a higher output panel to obtain a higher charging current. This circuit WORKS. If you are looking for a fast charger, then this circuit is not for you. This circuit will get the job done, if you give it time. You can also use this circuit for powering higher voltage devices as long as the current is not excessive.

Link to completed Panel/Circuit:


Schematic is located here at the top of the web page:


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Post time: Feb-26-2018
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