3 Cheap Ways to Heat Your Swimming Pool

On this episode we’re talking about 3 ways to keep your pool water warm to make the season just a little longer.

I got an email from Gene who asked, “what’s a good, cheap way to heat pool to make season last a little longer?”

There’s a few different options for heating up a pool including buying a gas heater, heat pump, or solar heater. But if you want something good AND cheap, there are 3 ways to heat the pool using the power of the sun.

- The cheapest and most effective way to keep your pool warm is to use a solar cover. These are the bubble-wrap like plastic covers that you lay bubble-side down on top of the water. If you have a really big pool, you may need to buy a solar cover reel OR you can cut your solar cover into more manageable pieces.

- You can use liquid solar covers, which last about a month and slowly release a tiny bit of non-toxic liquid that floats to the surface. It creates a thin coating that keeps the water from evaporating. And I’ve been asked so many times, and yes it’s totally safe to use.

- And finally, you can buy some Solar Rings. These are round, floating mini solar covers that you can just toss in your pool. They connect with magnets and provide up to 21,000 BTU’s of heat per day.

So those are the 3 cheap ways to heat your pool, but if you already have a pool heater and want to save some extra money, well, that’s why we have a….

Bonus Tip!

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All of these cheap pool heating methods can actually help save you money if you have a more expensive heating system, like gas or electric.

You can heat your pool up to the temperature you want using your main heater and then use either a solar cover, solar rings or liquid solar cover to help keep that heat in your pool. It’s like heating up your coffee and putting a lid on it to keep it warm.

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That’s it guys. Thanks again and Happy Swimming!

Post time: Dec-31-2017
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