12V to 230V Inverter 800watt prototype.wmv

combination two 200VA transformer connect to parallel for 400VA output with Pic 16f628a microcontroller modified sine wave..10pcs low ohm power mosfet, total power 800W at 12v 100ah- 500w at 12v 50ah battery.i am successfully my target for power up 500w – 800w equipment such power tools,jig saw,blender and rice cooker..look like very bulky and heavy but still far cheap than commercial inverter in market..total cost my inverter only RM 270.00 – USD 87.00…in malaysian power inverter very2 expensive in market total cost for 800w modified sine wave about RM 850.00 – USD 274.19! better build one coz electronic component,transformer,casing etc here very2 cheap in town..

Post time: Dec-27-2017
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