12V Battery Performance Comparison – Sealed Lead Acid vs A123 and Bioenno LiFePO4



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In this video, I bring three 12V batteries back to the workbench and my programmable DC Load. This time, I’m introducing a new LiFePO4 Battery Module that comes in below the $99 sweet spot – the Bioenno BLF-1208LB battery module. I met Bioenno at Dayton this year and reached out to them to request a sample. They provided the battery and charger and I put it through its paces with a brand new AGM “9AH” battery and my trusty (and previously most recommended) A123 ALM-12V7 (Now branded NEC).

In this video I conduct the following Constant Current Tests:
-1A (simulates Yaesu FT-897/857, Icom IC-7300/7100/7000, Kenwood TS-480 on receive)
-.25A (simulates Elecraft KX3 or Yaesu FT-817 on receive)

I also conducted two Duty Cycle tests.
-1A for 60 seconds / 10A for 30 Seconds-This roughly simulates a common 100 Watt radio, set to 40 or 50 watts Transmit receiving/transmitting at a 2:1 Ratio

-.25A for 60 Seconds / 3A for 30 seconds-This roughly simulates a common QRP radio (Elecraft KX3 or Yaesu FT-817ND) at full power for a 2:1 receive/transmit Ratio

Ultimately, my results make the Bioenno battery a solid BUY recommendation – it comes in under $100 (slightly more w/ the charger), it provides a real world useable 7.2+ AH, and it weighs 2.4 lbs! I have completely abandoned Pb based chemistry batteries for Amateur Radio purposes.

Post time: Mar-22-2018
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