12V 55Ah Sealed Lead Acid Sigma Power Systems Battery


This lightweight battery is functional and safe. It is valve regulated which makes it nearly impossible to spill. The tightly sealed construction enables this battery to be operated from any angle. The hard plastic case enables the battery internals to be kept safe. This particular battery has a low pressure safety release valve.


Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology creates superior performance

Valve Regulated: Spill proof construction

1 pair of screws is shipped with the each battery

When more than 1 product is ordered, we will send you the batteries that were manufactured in the same batch. Also, in our final inspection of the batteries, we take the extra step in voltage matching the batteries that you ordered. Voltage matching will not only ensure optimal performance, but it will extend the battery and equipment life.

Color coded terminals. Red (Positive) & Black (Negative)

Charge voltages are marked on the battery for cyclic and float applications for your convenience

Data Sheets available upon request

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and CE (Consumer Electronics) Safety Certified (logos are officially printed on the products. Pictures of the logos are in the product photo section of this listing). We only purchase products that are safety certified by UL and CE.

Category Description
Capacity (20 hr. rate) 55.0 Ah
Weight (lbs.) 38
Width 5.43 In.
Height 9.23 In.
Length 9.02 In.
Max Charge Current 16.5 A
Type Valve Regulated Lead
Battery Type Lead Acid (VRLA)
Terminals Z1
Part Number SG12550Z1
Voltage 12 V
Color Black

All batteries that are being sold are newly purchased from the manufacturer (Sigma Power Systems). Before your order is shipped out, the batteries go through a full length quality check procedure to ensure your product is not faulty upon receiving the product.

Post time: Oct-18-2017
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