1200w SMPS Home made inverter part2

For schematic and instruction go here : https://9w2edu.blogspot.com/2013/02/9w2edu-9w2zsu-my-inverter-research.html
Correction : the toroid size is FT-140-77 not FT-37-77 in the schematics diagrams.sorry

this thing is my homemade portable power pack 220vac..fully homemade..using SMPS inverter 600w and 12v 34ah SLA batteries…i build this portable power pack suitable for little jobs cutting wood,metal grinding,car polish machine and camper activity..complete with foldable 40w solar panel make this thing very usefull in area no electric grid line…with internal 12v 34ah battery this power pack only can get 408watts..if using external parallel battery this thing can get 600w maximum at 12v 50ah battery…using simple calculation V= I/R

Post time: Feb-14-2018
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