3 Ways Going Solar Changes Your Life

3 Ways Going Solar Changes Your Life - Prostar

You know that a residential solar system will change how you power your home. But have you taken the time to think about the ways solar will change your life?


There May Be Financial Rewards

As soon as your solar system for your home is turned on, you start generating your own electricity from the sun. Though the amount you will save on your monthly electric bill will vary depending on factors such as your location, shade, system size, utility rates and weather, the simple way to think of it is this: The more solar power you make, the less energy you have to buy from your utility company.


You’re Directly Helping the Environment

By capturing the abundant, clean energy of the sun, you are helping to sustain the environment that supports all life on earth. Your house becomes more than a home; it becomes a mini renewable power plant that’s reducing the amount of harmful emissions released into the air we breathe.

Because Prostar high efficiency solar panels allow you to produce up to 60 percent more power in the same space as conventional panels during the first 25 years,3  your impact on helping the environment will be that much greater sooner.

Just download the app to monitor your kWh activity, including the peaks and valleys of your energy usage during the day, your electricity bill savings and how much CO2 you’re avoiding. 


You Become a Role Model for Friends and Neighbors

Having a SunPower solar system on your roof isn’t only a way to save money, it’s a reflection of what you believe. By going solar, you set a positive example for friends, family and neighbors.

Your community will see that you’re using renewable energy and that you’re doing a good thing for the environment and the future.




Post time: Oct-09-2017
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